Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ~Secret Boss: Minerva~

Fun battle with the "hardest" boss in CC:FF7.

Minerva is the Goddess of Gaia the "Planet" in FF7.
Location: Mission 9-6-6
Reward: Divine Slayer / 40000 SP

Level: 100
HP: 10,000,000


Level: 68
Stats: 99,999HP~ Defense / Magic Defense at 255(MAX)
Equips: Divine Slayer, Ziedrich, Protect Ring, Genji Helmet

"Divine Slayer"
HP, MP & AP 100% Up, All Stats + 50.
Break Damage, HP, MP and AP Limits Plus Auto Libra (Scan)

"Protect Ring"
Spirit+20. Auto Barrier And Magic Barrier

"Genji Helmet"
Auto Libra Plus Zero MP & AP Consumption

Power, Stamina, Magic & Spirit + 100
Half All Elemental Damage

"Genji Shield"
Super Ribbon effect + Auto Barrier & Auto Magic Barrier

"Genji Armor"

Break HP Limit; Effect: "Auto Endurance" & "Auto Regen".

Tip: Equip the steal materia to steal 99 Phoenix down

I don't use any Phoenix downs in this battle.
(Note: I didn't use Phoenix downs effect to revive)

I have Divine Slayer/God Slayer so the fight went quicker. I also cut out Minervas specials after the first because it's long, and cut out the 2 Limit break abilities I did so I could fit it.

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