Saturday, January 3, 2009

New 3 in 1 Controller for Sony PS3 Released

With all the different remotes and controllers used to control the PS3, it can sometimes be a chore to keep track of all of them. Well, no one has released a universal remote for the PS3, but Success HK has just released the closest thing to it: a 3 in 1 PS3 controller. This creative peripheral manages to combine a Blu-ray remote, keyboard, and game controller all into one package.

From the looks of it, the remote and slide-out keyboard seem easy to use, but the controller looks like it would be rather uncomfortable to play with. Success HK has managed to attach analog sticks onto the device, but they look more like the nub found on the PSP rather than what’s found on a regular controller. Still, with a $28.52 price tag, it’s hard to find a better bargain. Even if you don’t use the controller, the remote and keyboard are definitely be worth the money; buying each peripheral separately would cost one hell of a lot more.