Friday, November 29, 2013

Bioshock Triple Pack [Online Game Code]

These three games are amazing and worth way more than $35. BioShock and BioShock 2 take place in Rapture: A city under the sea. BioShock Infinite, which is the newest game in the series, takes place in a city in Columbia: A city in the sky.

In the original BioShock you play as a man named Jack in 1960. After your plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you are the sole survivor. You swim to a lighthouse in hopes of finding rescue and while traveling in a bathysphere you come a cross the underwater city of Rapture. It was built in the 1940's by a billionaire named Andrew Ryan who wanted to build a city free from the parasites of government and religion. He brought the most brilliant people who would live in the city and thrive. The city was built on science with many smart people. In Rapture someone discovered a Sea Slug with special abilities that could heal humans. Scientists were able to make something called Adam with these sea slugs that could heal people and make them powerful. This Adam could be made into things called Plasmids which are a type of genetically modifying drug. The plasmids could make you shoot fire from your fingertips or do things like give you telekinesis. In order to get more Adam for these plasmids they needed a host for these sea slugs. Little girls were best bonded with the sea slugs. Scientists brainwashed these girls to gather Adam from dead bodies with a needle and hallucinate that the underwater city of Rapture was beautiful. They saw the dead bodies as angels and could turn the blood of corpses into Adam to make plasmids. Big Daddies were made to help protect these girls, known as little sisters, collect Adam. Big Daddies are men who are also brainwashed and put into a diver suit.